Handmade lavender soap with coconut oil
Handmade lavender soap with coconut oil
Handmade lavender soap with coconut oil
Handmade lavender soap with coconut oil
Babylon Grey


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Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive or dry skins

Do you have a secret affair with the smell of lavender? Our Lavender Affair would be the perfect soap for you. E V E R Y T H I N G lavender. We have used 100% natural lavender essential oil + dried lavender ! 

Before shower:

Keep your soap in a dry area, away from humidity. We think putting them in your chest drawer is the best (keeping your clothes smelling divine!). But places like a linen closet will do too.

When in shower:

You can rub the soap directly onto your body. BUT! We highly suggest using  or bath loofah for a longer lasting soap. Keep the soap AWAY from running water. Remember, allow your soap to dry between uses.

Need to invest in an appropriate soap dish? We offer handmade ceramic dishes here!


Coconut oil, olive oil, aqua (water), sodium hydroxide, pure lavender essential oil, dried natural lavender flowers.


Lavender oil can help in relieving stress and has great antibacterial properties. It can also provide a creamy lather which and soften your skin while removing and oil. Read the full benefit list here.


Paper wrapped: approximately 110g. 
Boxed: approximately 90g.
The actual weight (and design) may vary due to the nature of handmade.


Shipping cost can be found under "Where does Babylon Grey Ship?" on our FAQ page.

This soap is handmade with love in Melbourne, contains no animal ingredients. Want to gift your guests Lavender Affair for your upcoming party?  with us now for wholesale price. 

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