Hey there, beautiful human…

Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad that you want to find out more about Babylon Grey. Grab your coffee or tea, let me tell you my story…

It was one Autumn Monday in May 2018, I stumbled upon a soap making class. I learnt the basic techniques and fell in love with the making. I thought to myself…“I wonder what ingredients commercial soaps have?”

To my prediction, commercial soaps were made with harsh chemicals and scented with fragrance oil. I knew what we put on our skin, goes straight into our bodies… But I couldn’t believe what I have been putting on my body with the soaps I was purchasing.

I have always used natural skin care products, and after the soap making class… I realized that skin care, isn’t just the moisturizer, lotion or serum I use. It is the whole circle. What we shower with, what we eat, what our daily routine is like and etc.

Anyways, a month went by and I have made mountain full of soaps. Then… a nerve in my brain ticked when I started gifting them to friends and family. I thought “More people should use natural soaps, so they have healthier body!”

Just like that, Babylon Grey started selling in late June 2018, and slowly expand its product range as the time goes on. I want people to use quality products with quality ingredients, sourced locally in Australia. Hearing customers with improved skin condition brings music to my ears.

Over time, I also noticed how many people are harsh on themselves. I am a warm person who believes in the power of self-affirmation, this includes self talk, love, respect and care. It gave a bigger push and purpose to make more beautiful products that is nourishing and powerful.

Babylon Grey provides positive energy through its service and products. I truly care for you beautiful souls, and I build strong relationships with the suppliers. Everything is handmade by me with love and care. You will find natural ingredients only (organic where possible) with zero harsh chemicals.

And…that brings us here, talking to you. That’s how Babylon Grey started. If you want to know more about me or the brand itself… Get in touch! I love sharing my journey; and getting to know how I can help in your life.

Remember, you are worth and enough.
Much love,

Babylon Grey can create customised soaps. Tell me what occasion it is, what flavours* you like and I will make the magic happen.

Got a question? Literally, any question**. Drop me an email below.

*Flavours depend on what is in stock at Babylon Grey. Enquire now and I will make your upcoming event extra special. **As much as I love getting all kinds of questions, I might not be able to answer each and every one of them. Follow us on our social platforms, maybe the questions you are after has already been answered!