We are Babylon Grey

At Babylon Grey, we are palm oil free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. We care and love the earth as much as you do, so all our products are made with natural ingredients and organic where possible.

All our soaps are handmade in Melbourne. From mixing the oil together to pouring the soap bases into the mould. From hand cutting the soap to hand packaging the soap. Each and every one of our soaps are made with love and care because we believe every little detail matters.

Babylon Grey is more than just a soap brand. We are a brand that advocates on self love, self care and self respect. We are also an environmentally conscious brand that only uses recycled and natural materials for our packaging. Our wrapping paper, ingredients and thank you cards and are all printed with recycled paper. Most importantly, everything is recyclable! (Did you know you can’t recycle stickers? Say bye, bye to those fancy sticker packagings!) 

Yes, we truly care for the planet because every little bits help! So, thank you for supporting Babylon Grey and taking a step further in loving and nurturing your skin (and our planet!) by purchasing our soaps.

We pride ourselves with thoughtful touches in our brand, from the soap itself to product packaging. We want you to use every little bit of it! Let's correct, EVERY BIT of it! Go on, use Babylon Grey’s wrapping paper to wrap a gift for a loved one or a close friend. Your gift will get a hint of the beautiful smell from our soaps, and complete your gift with our organic jute string.

Who are we kidding… we are sure your family and friends will love our soaps too! Here at Babylon Grey we do customised soaps. Tell us what occasion it is, what flavours* you like and we will make the magic happen.

Got a question? Literally, any question**. Drop us an email below.

In case you are wondering... We source our ingredients locally in Australia because we want to support Australian owned businesses, like you are!

*Flavours depend on what is in stock at Babylon Grey. Enquire with us now and we will make your upcoming event extra special. **As much as we love getting all kinds of questions from you, we might not be able to answer each and every one of them. Follow us on our social platforms, maybe the questions you are after has already been answered!