Why Babylon Grey? 

We care about your skin AND the environment. 

We stand by using the best ingredients because we care about what you put on your skin. (Because it goes straight into your body!). Not only we think it’s our responsibility to tell you what we use. We also think it’s our job to be there for you on your natural, healthy skin care journey. 

You might have already guess it. We are passionate about making a positive impact. When you shop at Babylon Grey, you are creating a ripple effect that is helping many. That’s right! You are supporting many local businesses because we only source ingredients from local Australian businesses. #supportyourcommunity. 

We are also environmentally conscious, creating as little carbon foot print as we can. There’s no planet B right! So thank you, for making a difference for our environment with us. 

Together we’re making a positive impact for you and I; and for everyone else too! 
Babylon Grey is a brand with a purpose, because where you shop matters. 

How will I benefit from Babylon Grey products? 

There’re so many! First of all, you will be using all natural products that are beneficial for your overall health. Secondly, you’ll be shinning from inside out and inspire more souls to look after THEIR health. 

Let’s talk about what we are free from… 
🙅🏻‍♀️No synthetic fragrances or preservative 
🙅🏻‍♀️No parabens, sulphate or harsh chemicals 
🙅🏻‍♀️No palm oil or artificial colours 
🙅🏻‍♀️No EDTA or propylene glycol 
🙅🏻‍♀️No cocamidopropyl betaine, polysorbate, or potassium sorbate 
🙅🏻‍♀️No alcohols 
Basically, we are free from chemicals! Haha. 

We are… 
🌟Natural and healthy ingredients (like organic coconut oil and olive oil) 
🌟Use natural ingredients that are anti-aging, toning, whiting, exfoliating and more.  
🌟Effective and nourishing 
🌟Calming and soothing on the skin 
For more benefits of our ingredients read here. 

Where do you source your ingredients?

We only source ingredients from local Australian business, because you know we are all about supporting the community. 💝 

We want to be 100% transparent, so we have listed all our suppliers below. 
Organic coconut oil from Niulife, a QLD organisation helping Solmolian villages.  
Organic olive oil from Cycles of the Pass, a VIC family owned business 
Organic additives from The Source, an Australian wide bulk food store 
Organic shea butter + cocoa butter from Robyn’s Soap House, a local business in VIC. 
Jojoba oil from Jojoba Natural, a family owned jojoba farming business in QLD. 
Natural essential oils from N-Essentials, a wholesale business in VIC. 
Recycled wrapping paper, printed local VIC company – Madman Printing. 
Recycled brown packaging box from local VIC company – PackQueen. 

Does Babylon Grey test on animals? 

A big NO! We are vegan friendly and cruelty free. 
Our products are tested on human volunteers and ourselves only. 

Did you know that we are kids friendly? Yep, your kids will love us too! 

Where does Babylon Grey ship? 

We ship anywhere! 
Within Australia, standard shipping price (up to 4 business days): 
$9.20 for all orders. 
Rest of the world, standard shipping price (up to 8 business days): 
$22.26 for orders less than 500g (can carry roughly 4 soaps. Also our Self care kit or Skin Care Essentials). 
$34.30+ for order over 500g. *price varies, depending on weight* 

Do you offer wholesale?

We sure do! Drop us an email at [email protected]. 

Where else can I find Babylon Grey? 

We currently don’t have any stockist yet, but you can help change that! 
If you would like to stock our products or if there’s a shop you want us to contact; drop us an email at [email protected]. 

I want to use Babylon Grey products for my upcoming event. 

How exciting! We’re thrilled for your upcoming event. Cheers to you for gifting something different and special. 

We cater for all occasions and work with you closely. Tell us your idea and budget, and we will make the magic happen! 
Let’s create memorable moments together, email us now  [email protected]. 

I have a story I’d like to share. 

We LOVE stories! 

Whether you have a business, a passion or a purpose. You know you’ve got something great brewing and think more people should know. 
Let’s chat and see how Babylon Grey can help you. Tell us your story via emailing [email protected]. 
Feel free to email us if there’s a question that isn’t answered here.