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There is one thing that everyone, literally everyone has in common - chocolate. Babylon Grey has never met anyone who does not enjoy that bittersweet taste which brings so much joy to life.
Perhaps you may think eating chocolate every day is not acceptable. We on the other hand think it is a great idea (in an acceptable consuming amount, of course!); especially when it is handcrafted and designed to improve your chocolate experience.
Here in Melbourne, there are plentiful chocolatiers around. From rich hot chocolate to assorted chocolate boxes. If you are a serious chocolate lover, you’re in for a treat. We had a chance to chat with one of our mates - Darren, one of the founders of Schoko Chocolates.
Darren and his partner Moana came to Australia seven years ago from Auckland and marked their chocolate territory here in Melbourne with their daughter, Vienna. We hope you are intrigued to know how their chocolatier journey started, so time to get your chocolate ready and read on.

Darren, tell us how Schoko Chocolates started. What inspired you to dive into the delicious chocolate world?

Both my wife and I have come from kitchen background, she’s a pastry chef (desserts) and I’m a chef. After many years of cooking we started working with chocolate and found a bit of a passion and talent for it.

We know that Schoko is short for Schokolade (chocolate in German). Was there a reason why you’ve taken on the European techniques; and why German?

Moana, our chocolatier (my wife) is half Austrian and so that’s where the German name comes from. We were inspired by European techniques. Moana had the opportunity to visit, work and learn from local Europeans, mostly in Austria.

As a small business owner in the challenging industry of chocolate making; what were the most difficult moments and what were the most memorable ones?

It’s not quite strictly chocolate related, but the most difficult moment was the realisation that just because we opened our doors (launched our website) didn’t mean that people would come. We both had all the experience we need to make the best chocolates, but we had absolutely no knowledge about starting a business or website and had to take a hard lesson in marketing.

The most memorable moment in the business so far would be the moment we sold our first box of chocolates to someone that we didn’t know or have any connection with. And still today every order that comes through gives us a little ‘yes!’ moment.

We think chocolate is simply irresistible. What do you think it is the best way to indulge Schoko Chocolates?

Our favourite way to enjoy any food is shared. As chefs, we both think that food is so much more than just nutrition, but something to enjoy and enjoyment is always better when it’s shared.

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate; or is there…? What do you consider as a balanced diet as a chocolate maker?

There’s so many different sources out there that will tell you so many different things depending on what they are trying to get you to do. But I can say that after spending every day with chocolate for the last few years, I can say that there is a point where you just don’t want to eat anymore.

Lastly, if you were in the middle of an apocalypse; what would be the top five foods in your pantry?

That’s so hard… hmm, Definitely chocolate, Water, Some kind of chips, Bread (I guess it won’t be good for very long but…) and some tinned fruits!
When two people come together because of their shared passion, you know they are on to something amazing. They’ve explored the food industry as individuals and discovered a new way to present our most love chocolate.
If Darren and Moana’s story has inspired you, share it with your mates.
If you want to experience a different level of handcrafted chocolates, follow them and order some now in case an apocalypse happens.
As a Charles M. Schulz would say
“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”.
If you don’t already have a box stock up at home, perhaps now is your chance!

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