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Do you have those moments when you thought to yourself “I wish I had more time”? Or moments like “If I had more free time, I could have done this or that”. Does this resonate with you?

Time is precious; but somehow; many people just can’t seem to “have” enough. Well, Here at Babylon Grey, we think it's not about “having” time, it's about “making” time. How do you make more time? Funny you wondered, because we are utterly blessed to cross path with someone who is ace at time management.

Jenny, the founder and creator behind Little Wick Candles is the ultimate #girlboss. She has a natural creative flare instilled in her soul and has a positive energy that no one can resist. Recently, she ran a half marathon while working full time, AND running her own business #wow. Time is definitely not her enemy. In fact, it has actually taught her some life lessons.

Get behind the scenes with us and see how this girl boss manages to make her dream life come alive!

Jenny, tell us more about yourself and how you started Little Wick Candles. What is the meaning behind the name?

I’m a 27 year old kiwi, living in Melbourne. By day, I am a marketing and sales manager for a coffee roastery. By night, I am a creative business owner and candle connoisseur (plus every other weekend and any given time of the day!). 

The name Little Wick Candles comes from my natural ability to create. Something spontaneous, random, and it has a nice ring to it (yet meaningful)! When I initially decided to make something out of my new hobby, the first thing I thought of was to create a catchy name. A name that is also directly related to the actual product.

This is probably boring brainstorming for people, but it’s the way I like to brainstorm! It came to me after a couple of hours of creative brainstorming session. I had few options at the time, but I eventually narrowed it down to Little Wick, which I thought was simply perfect for me.

We absolutely LOVE your Japanese ceramic collection. What inspired you to dive into this unique candle series?

Aw, thank you so much! So glad you love it! That means a lot.

My trip to Hawaii two years ago inspired me! Every time I travel, I find inspiration for my life. Either for work, branding inspiration or material to use in the near future. So, I came across some really beautiful ceramic cups in a cafe. I realised I should use cups as vessels to hold wax and ta-da! The concept grew from there.

You have inspired so many souls with your positive spirit. It is amazing how you always find time to do EVERYTHING. What do you find the hardest and the easiest having your own business while working full time?

Wow, I’m glad I can inspire others! That is so nice to hear… Honestly means so much to me.

I think you’ve nailed the answer about “what’s hard” in your compliment, when you mentioned finding time. I definitely find time management to be quite challenging at times. I generally have a lot going on. Work, making time for myself, yoga, strength training and of course, spending time with all my loved ones!

The easiest part I find actually happens to be TIME (how ironic is that?). I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn about fitness training whilst working full-time. It taught me what it takes to get disciplined. I spent roughly three years learning about strength training through a close friend. Every day, the training consisted of learning good form, muscle theory; how to squat, deadlift, chest press, etc and getting PBs (personal bests), for 2 hours. This meant getting up at 4:45am every morning for training. I got completely hooked on the lifestyle - it was amazing!

It was incredibly life changing for me. It set me up to having a mindset of achieving whatever I want in life. So, finding time has become a natural habit for me. If I really wanted to get something done, I will go for it no matter what it takes.

How do you find time for self care? What does your self care routine involve?

Cooking, journalling, spending time with loved ones…Does cleaning count? (Honestly, not joking about that one)!

What kind of experience does Little Wick want to provide for its customers?

The most important factors to me right now are, uniqueness and providing a community for people who appreciate makers from all walks of life. A community mixed of creating a purpose, pursuing creative dreams, making products that giving back to the community, encouraging others to pursue their passions or helping others.

I believe in fostering ideas that will make our local communities better! I want to do that by creating products that will spark that conversation. I’ve been really enjoying markets as it helped me to reach out to people I would never get a chance to speak to. It’s like making a friend on the street and having a unique conversation about why I chose to use ceramic vessels.

Lastly, what would be Little Wick’s bucket list for 2019?

  • Find ways to make every part of the business waste-free
  • Launch a blog!
  • Introduce sustainable products to my brand
  • Build a community of up and coming entrepreneurs

Whether you are someone who wants to take a leap of faith, and follow your dreams. Or someone who is studying while working part time. Or simply, you are someone who is struggling with time management.

No matter what stage of life you are currently in; we don’t expect you to start waking up at 4:45am and do a 2 hour training session; no. (But, if that is your daily routine anyways, our hats are off to you). We want to remind you that you are in control of your own time.

As Carl Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University would tell you

“What we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore plays in defining the quality of our life.”

It is never too late to start your focus game. Step one in time management is narrow down what you ought to focus on. Start prioritising what is truly important in your life. Concentrate on the things that are valuable, rather than spreading your attention on those that may not matter.

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