Lest we forget… Be thankful and grateful for big and small


On a special day like ANZAC Day makes us extra emotional and grateful for the life we have. We should pay gratitude to every little thing, every single day. Today is a day to remind us that there are plentiful things to be grateful for.

For the brave veterans, thank you for protecting your country.
For all the medics, thank you for looking after the brave ones; mentally and physically.
For the wives and children whom’s family member went through whatever they’ve been through. Thank you for staying strong; thank you for your sacrifices.

It is also on a special day like this emphasises that we are all one. No matter what country you are from, what skin colour you have, what religion you believe in. We are all on this planet, as one; to protect the one and only land we have - the Earth.

We take things for granted so easily these days. Sometimes we forget that something or someone has sacrificed and suffered for the world we live in today. We get caught up in the digital world, chasing after what other people have. I think we should be still and let the quietness sink in more often. Let the emotions run through you and be grateful of what we already have; not what we don’t have.

We are in a day and age where anything is possible, any movement can be have positive influence. You have a choice to contribute for a greater impact to our planet. You are the voice for the future we are going to have. You either do something, or do nothing. If you’ve chosen to do something; let it be a greater force than just your own interest; but for the generations after us.

Have more conversations, deep meaningful conversations.
Give more hugs, warm and tight hugs whenever you can.
Provide more time, for those you love and care and for those in need.
Speak up more, for those who are afraid to stand up for themselves.

Lest we forget… Be thankful and grateful for big and small

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