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Have you heard what is happening to the Amazon rainforests? Do you know much about forest fire, or what causes forest fire? Perhaps like most people, you want to help and spread the words, yet you don’t know how to explain it. Or maybe you got the idea of what’s happening, but you don’t know where or how you can help.

We are here to make it simple, clear and actionable; for everyone! You’ll be able to explain and start helping wherever you are. It will not cost you anything, and you won’t need to donate a cent. First of all let us explain what forest fire actually is.

What is a forest fire, and what causes it?
A forest fire refers to an uncontrolled fire that erupts in the wilderness. It can be caused by many factors, including lightning, volcanic eruptions, and some human activities.

Did you know…
A mild forest fire is actually beneficial for the cycle of forest life? Fire can assist to open up forest canopies to allow sunlight reaching the forest floor. This is benefitting for many plants that are shade intolerant.

Not only that, it also breaks down the nutrients and minerals in plants, logs and leaves and restore them into the soil; making the forest floor more fertile. Hence why some grasslands are sometimes created, after a fire.

More facts about forest fires here.

So if it’s beneficial to the forest cycle, what’s the big fuss about it?
Well, great question. These days, many forest fires are caused by human activities. Including deforestation for agricultural purpose, careless humans with their cigarettes or campfire and one's actions causing our planet heating up.

Research from NASA Earth observatory here.

It’s not only happening to the Amazon Rainforests…
What is happening to the Amazon Rainforests is not “new” news. This so called “fire season” happens every year to countries including Indonesia, Russia, China, Africa, Australia, the States and more.

Most forest fires are set intentionally, converting forest to farmland. Hence why we stand by being palm oil free (read our blog here). You might think; the natural and organic matter in the forest may cause the forest fire with a strike of lightning. Yes, that’s correct. It is normal for nature itself to cause forest fire. However, due to the mammoth contribution of carbon dioxide; our planet is heating up, with lack of rain in the rainforests. In result, fire is easier to be ignited when the lightning struck.

Breathtaking facts about deforestation here.

Here is how you can start to help…
We don’t need to be heroes to save the world. Every little bit counts. We can help reducing our carbon footprint, inform others and encourage more people to LOVE our environment. With only a few small changes in your life, you are helping hundreds.

1) The three Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Do you know how much food your body actually needs? If you consume the right amount of nutrients; you might be surprise how much food you can cut down. That is the first step of reducing.

Moreover, you can list out what you NEED, not want. By taking a step AWAY from over-consuming, you are reducing your spending (which mean more money in your pocket!) and less contribution to land waste.

Understand how to incorporate the three Rs in your life here.

2) Eat less meat
You have heard it everywhere, EAT LESS MEAT! Do you actually understand why and how it's impacting the environment? Let us explain it to you.

The meat industry accounts for nearly 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which means consuming meat is contributing to making the Earth warmer than usual. Not only that, animal waste from factory farms are leaked into local water supplies, spreading harmful bacteria to those who live nearby. Not only you are damaging the environment, you are also harming lives; subconsciously!

You are helping the Amazon Rainforests (and many other rainforests) by reducing your consumption of meat. Why is that you may wonder? Well, the demand for livestock is one of the major causes of deforestation, to grow more food for both the animals and humans.

Read here on the negative impact on consuming meat.

3) Plant more trees!
You can help by simply changing your search engine server. Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees. You can browse the web as you normally do, but better! With every search with Ecosia, you are reforesting our planet and helping to build a better future for many!

Find out how to use Ecosia here.

4) Help people understand
This is the most important step. Be the example for those who yet to understand our impact to our planet and future. Perhaps the people around you want to help, but unsure where and how to start.
Show them how small changes do make a big difference. Explain things in plain simple words, so they, too, can go and encourage MORE people.

As Anne Marie Bonneau once said

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

You can also read our plastic free lifestyle blog here.

We are all responsible
If you haven’t noticed, here at Babylon Grey; we are extremely passionate about our planet. We are very aware of the impact one person may have for the environment. This is why, as a small business; we stand by being eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and being thoughtful with every decision. 

Babylon Grey uses recycled material for marketing printouts, soap packaging and all our gift bags. All the materials are recyclable, and the ingredients are locally sourced. Not only we produce in small batches (close to zero contribution to land waste), we also work closely with local businesses.

It is never too late to start today
Tackle one area at a time. See what changes you can alter in your life, to positively impact our planet. Is it reducing the amount of food you buy? Is it to use the public transportation more often? Or perhaps is simple as changing from using shampoo and body wash to bar soaps?

Rome wasn't built in one day, so isn’t a minimal waste lifestyle. You can start today! Little by little; you’ll start seeing the great difference you are making for our environment.

Need some all natural and nourishing soaps? See what we offer here.

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