Find your creative flow with Tash Horvat, the photographer


Is work giving you stress? Are you working in a demanding environment? Perhaps life just seems dull and uninspiring? Whatever you are experiencing... You are not alone!

We were introduced to Tash through a friend and fell in love with the warm colours of her photos. After a few chats with Tash, she told us how she finds joy and peace when she’s in her creative element. That reminded us what Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor once said

“People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills. There is nowhere that a person can find more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. So, constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself.”

We thought it would be silly not to share Tash’s story with you. Remember beautiful souls, you are never alone! Read on and be inspired 

Where did you grow up Tash? Tell us more about yourself.  

I grew up in Melbourne, however moved around a bit (including living in England) as my dad was in the army. 

Who or what inspired you to continue your love for photography?  

Loved it since I was a kid and got my first analog camera for Christmas. Photography is my therapy and creative outlet. When I am photographing, I am truly in my flow state.  

Care to share with us your ultimate favourite photo you took, and the story behind it? 

Too hard to choose... This one down here. This is the location of the Everest Base Camp memorial on the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. It’s such a peaceful and breathtaking place paying homage to the trekkers who lost their lives summiting Everest. 

What is your favourite subject(s) to photograph and why? 

People (because you can capture connection) & Mountains (because they’re so ominous). 

And how would you describe your photography style? Actually… Tell us your fashion style too!

My photography is warm with rich tones, inspired by some of the old film colour tones.
My fashion style is black, white nude, repeat. I also love green, so I guess it’s, black, white, nude, green, repeat.

Lastly, what would you suggest for people to do daily, to keep their creative-self alive? 

Meditation and finding time for your subconscious to have space.

How will you win back that creative soul of yours? Maybe simulate your brave side by hiking to Everest Base Camp? The talented Tash did it back in 2018, and it certainly has opened her views of the world.

Give yourself a challenge before the end of the year. You still have time, because there is always time! As Tash would tell you “Be present”. At this day and age, where we are so “connected” on social media... Maybe take some time off, grab a cuppa at Methodist in Hawthorn (one of Tash’s favourite cafes); and who knows; that creative self may just slowly creep back to you.

As William Shatner, a Canadian actor and producer shared… 

“I've discovered that the more freedom I have to be creative, the more creative I become.” 

Don’t underestimate how much we need creativity in our lives. Let us all live a freer life and be more creative!

If Tash’s story has inspired you; share it with your mates.
If you are looking for a warm and heartfelt photographer, contact Tash!

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