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We first noticed Anatolia at Vegan Market of Melbourne. Whilst everyone had a big marquee, she was sitting there comfortably. Without a roof over her stall; but with a warm blanket over her lap. We observed her from afar and got memorised by her energy. (Sounds a bit creepy now we say it out loud!).

At Babylon Grey, we promised to use the best of the best ingredients in our products. Not only because we care about what you put on your skin. We also care about the local community and the environment. Thus, we stand firmly in supporting local Australian businesses. It was the universe that gave us this open window; and led us to Cycles of the Pass.

The more we chat with Anatolia, the more we are drawn to her energy, her vision and her perspectives on life. Cycles of the Pass is merely more than our olive oil supplier. It is a blessing that we have crossed paths with Anatolia; and be part of her journey. We thought it would great for you too, to truly understand what Cycles of the Pass is all about.

Before we dig into Cycles of the Pass, tell us more about yourself. What does “fun” look like in the world of Anatolia? 

Always an exciting question to answer, as ‘my-self’ changes all the time! So, today I’m feeling excited. I’ve finished hosting another retreat at Cycles of the Pass, and I’m feeling excited about the next connections that will come into my life, and be part of the Cycles vision.

I am a 29 year old Leo who loves adventures! Dancing, frolicking in nature and visioning are a few other of my favourite things to do. I also enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasy, short stories, gothic tales, spiritual and personal development books. In all honesty, my love for words does not stop at reading. I also love writing stories and poetry too! 

Other times, I like playing games, collecting bones off the land at Cycles; or making beautiful altars and rituals. Let’s not forget about travelling, moonlit walks outside, fires and being with loved ones. What I love the most is SURPRISES, such as serendipitous meetings!

What motivated you to start Cycles of the Pass? How did it all happen?

The story of Cycles of the Pass is magical, courageous, supportive and persistence. It is a continuous cycle of beginnings and endings. 

About three years ago, it felt like some mists were starting to part and I was being pulled by an invisible thread. There was some frustration of the uncertainty at first. Then turned into excitement of the uncertainty. Now, the unknown currently guiding me.

From a ‘real world’ perspective, I finished high school, did quite well. I studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. I lived in China for 6 months before starting my Master of Commerce at RMIT University. I then got into the Department of Education and Training with the Victorian Government Graduate Program. Worked there for four years where I learnt a lot about discipline skills.

However, I felt my purpose, my creativity, my sense of adventure were not active. I felt myself falling into autopilot states of being. That is when I delved into yoga, meditation, conscious dance and sacred sexuality. Then I decided to quit my job, throw it all to the wind and follow my intuition. 

It led me to many travels, exciting places and experiences. Then last year my parents told me that the land across the road from their land in Ladys Pass was for sale. I initially fought the idea of continuing my gypsy lifestyle. But, I kept having dreams and visuals about living off in nature. Living in a community and living from my creativity. It has been exactly one year this month (June 2018) since I signed the papers! I was motivated to start Cycles to simply live the life that I choose. A creative inspired life that is continuing growing. Shifting from a mindset of “obligation and auto-pilot” to “passion and courage”.

Everywhere I’ve travelled I’ve met people who want to live from this place (passion and courage). People who want to live with YES people. Be surrounded by those who create, build, think, feel, get their hands in the earth and grow.

I know there’s a deep desire to live like this, so Cycles is a lighthouse for this way of living. It’s a new way of working and connecting. To listen to what we really want to do. A way to what we really FEEL expands us. A new way of allowing ourselves to open up and see how creativity wants to move through our lives.

We fell in love with Cycles of the Pass when we read on your website - “A land of magic for curiosity, connection and creation.” What a powerful invitation to your vision. What can people expect from Cycles of the Pass?

Cycles of the Pass is part of a growing movement, to expand the consciousness of the planet. Pretty simple hey?

The Cycles vision rests on the connection philosophies. The more connected we are to the unconscious parts of self, the deeper we can connect with others and the world around us.

People can expect a bounty of offerings from Cycles of the Pass. Unique retreats, workshops, a beautiful land for hire. In addition; there are organic and nourishing produce like our olive oil, herbs, olives and body oil. There are also opportunities to collaborate on energy exchange projects. I am looking for creative folks who want to come and let their creativity run wild!

It is a very busy world we live in right now. Information flying everywhere, news from the media, notifications on your social. There seems to be a lot of distractions. What would you suggest people do to calm their thoughts?

I feel that there’s a self-empowerment piece about this question. We can’t blame or run from the outside world and the distractions. What we can do is, empower ourselves to notice what we have and don’t have control over. The more we are connected to our intuition, the stiller the mind is. The more embodied we are, the more cable of us seeing the information we need to see; and discard what does not fit.

I know I’d be stressing out my body when I allow myself to always be stimulated by the external world. Things like spending too much time worrying about the past or constantly planning for the future. So, when feeling overwhelmed, I try to use breath, sound, movement and touch to slow down. Really tap into what is going on in my body. Embodiment is when our awareness is anchored deeply in our body. From this place I am more aware of what my vessel needs. I will be able to hear the subtle whispers, guided by intuition.

What was the hardest part of your journey in nurturing your soul and spirit and how did you overcome it?

There is a constant battle in life. Trying to live from a mentality of creation and expansion; when dogma and survival needs are so steeped in our society and my own conditioning.

I can read positive affirmations until the Buddhas come home (that’s my daggy humour for ya!). In creating a space like Cycles, at times I feel the survival pressure, which takes me out of my creative element. To work with this, I allow myself to do the tasks that I truly love. Things that light me up. I take notice the tasks I am avoiding and try to shift my perspective. It helps me see how they fit into the bigger part of the vision.

Speaking of journeys, do you have a daily routine? What does it involve?

I like my morning rituals. I connect to the awareness/void/source whatever you want to call it, even for just 5 minutes. It takes me out of my ego and out of my ‘predetermined’ self. It connects me to the world around, to the spaces in between. I find it relaxes my body and takes me away from my small self fighting to be ‘important’.

I then allow an intention for the day to drop in. Even just a word that I use as an anchor during the day. These simple, yet powerful ways of creating a healthy structure allow creativity and magic weave through during the day. It keeps me on track without needing to have a rigid, strict, to the minute ritual. 

We thank the universe for bringing us you. Babylon Grey is honoured to use locally, organically grown and pressed olive oil as one of our key ingredients. Tell us more about your olive trees and your big backyard.

There’s 80 acres of land at Cycles’ disposal, with plentiful of beautiful olive trees in various varieties. From award winning koroneiki to Spanish queens, kalamata, manaki olives and more. There’s also a medicinal herb garden growing stronger every day. As well as fruits and nuts like pomegranate, orange, almond, pistachio, pear, lemon, cherry, blackberry trees and more! 

I also love having access to over 19,000 hectare Heathcote-Greytown National Park. It’s a raw, wild, dark place that changes its terrain quite drastically. I love the ‘messiness’ of it. I forage for animal skeletons in there and enjoy making little nature altars around the place.

How would you suggest is the best way to enjoy Cycle of the Pass olive oil? Do you have a recipe you’d like to share?

Being a Greek, I love tasting Cycles olive oil raw on salads, olives, or with bread. Even first thing in the morning, a teaspoon full of olive oil to kick start the digestive system!

In terms of recipes though, I’d say I do make a killer rocket, caramelised walnut, pomegranate, pear salad with Cycles herbs and olive oil!

Lastly; what is Cycles of the Pass striving for this year? Any big plans?

Absolutely! This is my big year of really grounding and embodying the Cycles pillars of curiosity, connection and creation. I will playfully talk in broad brushstrokes of the plan, but will not zoom in too much so I can keep the surprises of what I have in store under wraps!

Connections, connection, connections. I am calling for people who want to be part of the vision, to be part of the Cycles family. Any organisations or facilitators who may want to run events at Cycles. I want to collaborate and build strong foundations with people who I work with. I also want to see where my creativity takes me. I am a natural, sometimes quite erratic creator with ideas flooding in every day. I want to have a community around me, who want to support taking ideas from conception to implementation.

Anatolia, Cycles of the Pass

When we understood that Cycles of the Pass is more than an olive oil supplier; we immediately want to share this magical vision with you. It is easy to lose touch with our inner selves, whilst living in this fast-paced era we have. Everything is at our finger tips, and because of this connivence; many are overwhelmed with the information surrounded by them.

It has created a generation of short attention span. A society where many are lost, insecure and suffer from external pressure. Cycles of the Pass is a place where you can START to connect with your creativity again. A place to guide yourself to find your inner self.

If Anatolia’s story has moved you; share it with your mates.
If Cycles of the Pass’s vision has encouraged you to follow your intuition, follow her. Or perhaps, get in touch with Anatolia and find out how you can utilise the land of magic!

As Sadhguru, a man with many facet would say

“The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body.”

It is NEVER too late to start tuning in with your body. It will always be a great investment to fall in love with nourishing your mind, body and soul.

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