This is why your plants are dying. Get tips from the plant Queen, Juliette, the founder of Botanica Collective.

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Does the saying “Everything happens for a reason” resonate with you? As you may know… Life is beautiful, yet It can be hard sometimes. We all have experienced or maybe, experiencing one now; some traumatic or scarring incident that made us who we are today.

That, was quite an opening wasn’t it? Well, the most recent person we’ve talked to has reminded us to continue to look at the opportunities not at the obstacles.

We have started our local market journey May this year (2019) and it has been quite an adventure so far. We are truly thankful to have met so many inspiring souls. One of them, including the market organiser - Juliette.

When we first met Juliette, we wouldn’t have thought that she was bullied and suffered from depression as a child. She is full of energy! Simply a happy and chirpy soul whom you can talk about anything with.

Perhaps everything does happen for a reason though. Juliette, a bullied victim now an optimist would say that “This too, shall pass”. Because you know what; life is too short to be stuck being sad. Here’s the wonder woman, Juliette, sharing her outlook on life, her plant knowledge bank and talked about seizing opportunities.

Let’s open the door of wonders. Tell people more about yourself, Juliette.

If this was a job interview, I would say that I’m bubbly, task orientated and a self-starter.
If this was a first date, I’d be warning you that I’m high maintenance, demanding and a time monopoliser.

In summary, what I am is a chatty dictator. I’m the type of person that you either love or hate. I have a very polarizing personality. I might be one of the most outgoing and oversharing people you will ever meet. 

What about your plant obsession, how did Botanica Collective come about?

So, my mother is a HUGE plant person. She is a collector of rare orchids. The countless amounts of Orchid show I’ve driven her to is insane. Because of that, my knowledge of plants started very early. 

Funnily enough, Botanica Collective started after my floristry side hustle ended (one too many bridezillas!). During that time as a florist, I made a lot of plant contacts for greenery installations. One day, I just decided (without telling my husband) to start a plant business and stopped my floristry business, and the rest is history!

Weirdly enough, some people just can’t keep their plants alive! Can you provide any tips for those who don’t have a green thumb?

Statistically, you more likely to over water your plants than under water then. Is your plant wilted even though the soil is wet? Or is the colour of your plant light green (or yellowy green) and struggling? Well your problem might be over-watering.

Little did others know, you actually work full time whilst running Botanica Collective AND organising the makers market #girlboss! How do you manage your schedule and what would your advice be for those who struggle with time management?

I’m a little busy body! I work full time, study part time online and I have Botanica Collective. My advice is TIME TRACKING. We aren’t as productive as we think we are. Set small achievable goals so you are able to micro reward yourself and give your brain a break.

Time track yourself and know how much time you are spending on each task. This will help to set what your real hourly rate is. I actually learnt this advice from a Youtube/Podcaster CGP Grey. He has this wonderful podcast called Cortex. A geeky podcast by two guys who have launched their own business and quit their full time jobs.

You ain’t no robot! What’s a relaxing day or a weekend look like in the life of Juliette?

Relaxing for me is sleeping in, as I work, study and hustle all week. I love naps. I never stopped napping since I was a kid. I also practice A LOT of yoga. BUT, whenever I meditate, I end up napping. Haha. 

Once in a while I’ll book myself an Endota Spa day. I’d spend all my saving there and walk away cool as a cucumber.

You must have met plenty wonderful Melbourne makers so far. What has been your highlights since starting BCMM?

When people return to my market. Every time someone re-books a market stall, I get SUPER excited. Melbourne is such an amazing city. There are so many opportunities for makers and so many different markets to choose from. The fact that they choose to spend their weekend with me is SO AMAZING.

Actually, maybe not everyone knows about BCMM. Tell people more about it. To the makers, to the supporters, to anyone who is interested!

This wonderful idea to start a makers market actually came from Kris from Honey Ginger Toast. She successfully convinced me to run markets. As a plant sale business, I was always looking for bigger and better spaces, I had so many ideas to grow Botanica Collective. It was when I had the support of Kris, and also Megan from Megan Rose Fashion that I took the step and started cold messaging makers on Instagram.

Botanica Collective Makers Market is a place for like minded people to join together. We work with real estate agents, property owners and creative business to transform vacant shops and spaces into a bustling market. A way to enrich the local community!

Lastly… We all have things or people we cherish for life. What are the three things you can’t live without (other than plants of course)?

On a serious note… Food, Air and Water. But assuming you are fulfilling my Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I can’t live without my phone, the internet and my dogs (sorry Husband).

If you didn’t grasp Juliette’s humour through this interview, you might have sensed her kindest heart. For someone who dislike cats yet, have 2 dogs and 4 cats; says a lot about their character.

We knew Juliette is one of a kind when we met her. With her bright red hair (now lavender colour!) and that warm smile of hers. She is that sparkle in the room, reminding everyone how life is made to be enjoyed.

On the other hand, we also noted how important it is to be encouraged and supported.

As Deborah Day, a Canadian film director and writer once said…

“Encourage, life and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all.”

Because there’s never too many makers markets. Thanks to Kris and Megan’s encouragements; BCMM was born!

If Juliette’s story has inspired you; share it with your mates.
If supporting local makers is your thing, follow BCMM. Or drop by and say hi if you are in Melbourne!

The next market dates are 21, 22 September at 142 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

Meanwhile, support us and treat yourself to a Self Care Kit today.

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