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If you are like most people, you are probably on social media platforms. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter; you name it. You probably have also seen or heard quotes on “self love” or “self care”. Most of the time; these messages’ intention is to  encourage the society. To find time to relax, to look after their health, to step away from our screens or simply reminding us to slow down.

Here at Babylon Grey we are huge advocates on self love, care and respect. We understand that when we deeply connect with ourselves; mind, body and spirit; we are connecting with peace, happiness and love.

We are very blessed to have crossed path with like-minded people. One of them, including the amazing energy healer - Emma. She is a true blue Aussie who studied Ayurvedic Medicine in Byron Bay. She is an avid tea drinker who loves being creative and grows her own food in her backyard.  

Emma has inspired us profoundly with her beliefs and her perspective on life. We instantly felt connected with her beautiful soul. It would be selfish of us not to share her positive energy with you. Let us take you on a journey in Ayurvedic Wholesome Living with Emma.

Emma, can you briefly explain what is Ayurveda to those who yet to discover this wholesome and nourishing lifestyle?

Ayurveda is a beautiful ancient holistic health care system that blends lovingly with our modern-day world. Ay-ur-veda translates to ‘The Science of Life’ and is not only health related, but incorporates all aspects of our lives. It sees you as an individual within the collective.

Ayurvedic philosophy shows us that we are part of the natural ecosystem, and it is a part of us. What happens within nature, such as seasonal changes, etc is also happening and influencing us.

In Ayurveda, we are empowered to travel along our own wellness journey. Not to be placed in a one-size-fits all approach, but rather given the tools and knowledge to truly begin to understand ourselves (our-cells) and live with love, vitality and longevity.

Tell us how your journey begun and what made you decide to take a holistic approach to life?

I grew up in a holistic family, with my dad being a Naturopath, so I have always had an interest in holistic health. Growing up I always thought I would be a Naturopath, (or a ballet dancer, Haha). However, when I was teaching English in India back in 2014, I spent a weekend with a friend at a local health retreat, which turned out to be based on Ayurveda. I had never heard of it and was really intrigued by how amazing I felt during and after my time there.

Back in Australia I signed up for a 4-week introductory workshop on Ayurveda. By week 2 I knew this was what I was meant to do. So, I went home, found an Ayurvedic Health course the next day. Wormed my way into the course, (as it had already begun) and within 2 weeks, I moved to Byron Bay to start my Ayurveda Diploma studies.

There were no courses currently in Melbourne, so Byron it was! I had never been to Byron before and knew nobody. However, I knew this was where I was meant to go, and when it comes to big life changes, I often seem to make spur of the moment calls. But that is all about trusting your intuition, right?!

As an Ayurvedic Health Coach and an Energy Healer; what does your week look like? How do you find time for yourself to rejuvenate your soul?

A big priority for me in my life is making sure I live a balanced life. I am someone who will either be all work and no play, or all play and no work if I don’t watch myself! Haha. So really making sure I have time to enjoy both aspects of my week is important.

I work in the clinic 3-4 days a week, and the rest of the week I will either be working from home or just enjoying life with family, friends or my dog, Timmy. I am a real homebody, so I love just being in my garden, either working in my veggie patch or just reading in the sunshine.

Finding time to nourish myself is a big part of my daily routine. Every morning I do meditation and yoga, even if it is just 5 minutes of both. I love being in nature, so walking my dog at the park or beach is something I try to do each day.

Honestly, sometimes my days are a bit hectic. If I don’t have time during the day, I will just make sure I carve out a bit of time to go journal or listen to calming music before bed. It is the little things that over time can make the biggest difference.

We LOVE listening to empowering Podcasts by encouraging humans. Jay Shetty, Tom Bilyeu or Aubrey Marcus to name a few. Podcasts help us learn stories about other inspiring souls and help us to gain more knowledge on how to deal with everyday life tasks. Do you listen to Podcasts; if yes, which ones are you listening to now or suggest others to start listening?

I must be honest; I have only just got into listening to Podcasts. Over the Summer, my cousin thought it was a crime that I wasn’t listening to them. She downloaded a lot onto my phone to help “convert me”. Since then I have become a big fan of the ‘Ophrah’s Super Soulful Conversations’. I also love listening to the Ayurvedic based talks and there is always something interesting to learn on the Ted Talks Podcast.

What are the best and the worst advice someone has ever given you?

Best Advice: To take everything with a grain of salt and to trust your intuition.
Worst Advice: To cut my own side fringe. Looked terrible and I had to live with this bad advice for all to see.

We are only human after all; there must be times where you don’t feel 100%. How do you prevent yourself from feeling down and gloomy? Or perhaps do you allow yourself to FEEL and take that negativity as a training session for your mind and soul?

I actually run a blog that is all about Positive thinking called The Gratitude Butterfly, so people often think that I am always happy. But I can assure you (as can my roommates) that I am definitely not always happy.

Feeling a range of emotions is human. When we try to suppress or ignore an emotion, it then gets stored within the body, which can lead to dis-ease. Often when I am feeling down, I try to tune into why and where this negative feeling is coming from. Is it someone else’s energy I have picked up and now carrying? Or did something happen that has triggered an old memory or belief within me?

If it is something that I have picked up from someone else, I recognise it and send it to the Universe to heal. You should never carry someone else’s negative energy, that isn’t your role. When I do Energy Healings on clients, I make sure I always disconnect from them afterwards and do a mini clearing on myself.

People seem to think time goes by so quickly nowadays; but we believe it is because the society we are in now is simply so fast-paced. What would be your top five advice to help people to slow down?

My top advice would be:

  1. Turn off the screens! Screens and technology hold the Vata energy – which is made up of Ether and Air elements. This energy is all about space and movement, which is currently overwhelmed within our daily lives. Taking a step back from this helps us to disconnect from this energy and to calm down our over-activated Vata energy.

  2. Breathe! If you tune into your breath right now, how does it feel? Is it deep and slow, or shallow and fast? Often, especially when we are on screens, we are so focused on keeping our eyes sharp and open, we end up holding our breath, or only shallow breathing. Take time each day to stop and take 5 big deep breaths in. Breathe in for a count of 5 and breathe out for a count of 5.

  3. Take notice of what you are watching and listening to. Is the energy behind this calming you down, or hyping you up? If you constantly being surrounded by sensory things that hype you up, your nervous system doesn’t have any time or space to balance and calm ourselves (our-cells).

  4. Say NO! These days people have a big connection to FOMO (fear of missing out). With this fear – we often end up saying yes to everything that comes our way. This can mean that we are time-poor, because our schedules are full. Knowing when to say no to things is a great way to calm down and make time and space for peace. When our schedules are fully booked, we lack the space to breathe and just be.

  5. Busy is not a badge of honour. Have you ever come across someone who takes pride in saying that they are “just so busy?” Or maybe you are guilty of wearing this badge? Life can get busy, and that is ok. But when we do not allow ourselves (our-cells) the time and space to rest, we eventually burn out. Most times when I find someone who is wearing their “Busy Badge”, they are actually very Vata (ether and air) aggravated. They will be the person who has, as the old saying goes, ‘Has ants in their pants’. They just can’t sit still, in mind or body. To me, this is a warning sign that the body is accumulating too much of the Vata energy, and it is building up within their body. This extra build up in Air and Ether in their body is not good. It can have serious health issues down the track such as mental breakdowns, nervous system issues and digestive issues (to name a few). If you are wearing this Badge of Busy, it is time to put it down. Our nervous systems in the long run cannot cope with busy. We need the time and space to just be. To rest and heal.

    There is no limitation on how anyone should feel; no matter what gender, age, religion or background. However, there are still plentiful souls who refuse to accept that it is okay to FEEL. How do you think we as individuals can help each other; to start opening up?

    Being more open with each other each day, about the good and the bad. Also teaching our kids that feeling is not a weakness.

    We are a huge believer in self love, care and respect. We believe it is true that we need to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others. How do you think one can start; to discover what self love, care and respect are?

    The biggest part of Self – Love, Care and Respect, is that it all starts with YOU. All of these things are a part of the journey to truly connect and discover the true essence of you. It is all about giving yourself the love and nurturing you deserve.

    If you are finding it hard to give yourself Love, Care or Respect (or a combo or all) then that is where we start. If you feel you don’t deserve these aspects, then we need to figure out why. Often our beliefs or past memories/traumas can interfere with our perception of our self. When we start to heal this, that is where the true Love, Care and Respect comes from.

    If you are new to Self-Love, Care and Respect, then start small. When we learn to swim, we don’t start by jumping out of a plane into the deep ocean, because that is terrifying and most likely disastrous!

    With Self Respect – have a think about what your beliefs and boundaries are. Where are some areas of your life that aren’t in balance with these?

    With Self Love – Sit and say to yourself- I deeply and completely love, accept and respect myself.    How does this feel? Does it fill you with joy, or do you cringe? If you cringe, sit with this, and ask yourself why? What thoughts or self-talk is coming up?

    With Self Care – Have a look at yourself honestly. Are you really nourishing yourself in your Mind, Body and Soul? What areas could you be putting more effort into? Make a list of what you want to be doing and then realistically, see how you can start incorporating these into your life.

    Lastly; if you were to be an element; what would it be and why?

    I am both Fire and Earth.
    Fire: I can nourish and warm you, but if you don’t respect me, I will burn you. Haha!
    Earth: I will keep growing and flourishing, creating beauty and wildness wherever I am.

    It is true when they say you learn something new every day. Ayurvedic Wholesome Living may not be as well known as the Oprah Winfrey; but it is a lifestyle that has empowered many.

    If Emma’s story has inspired you; share it with your mates.
    If her profession has encouraged you to connect with inner yourself, follow her. Or perhaps, book an appointment and see where this new journey may take you!

    Remember as Diane Von Furstenberg once said

    “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”

    You have a choice. So be courageous and choose to start having a better relationship with yourself. As Emma would suggest “Stay Wild” child! Have fun with life and let it guide you to places you yet to explore. 

    Stay tuned on our social or sign up to our newsletter for more aspiring stories of remarkable souls at Babylon Grey.

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