Activated charcoal:
A natural deep cleanse product which can be uses as a natural deodorant. It also assist in balancing oily skin and slowing down ageing process.

Avocado oil:
Avocado oil is loaded with fatty aides and vitamins A, D and E which makes it the perfect natural moisturiser.

Bergamot essential oil:
A tropical citrus fruit origin essential oil that has calming and soothing effect; promotes healthy skin which can assist in keeping the skin youthful.

Cocoa Butter:
Another natural moisturiser component that has hydrating effect that can heal dry and cracked skin. Research also shows that regular use of cocoa butter can prevent and reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Coconut oil:
Highly cleansing and conditioning for skin, contains fatty acids that provide intense hydrating and soothing effect and has antibacterial properties.

Jojoba oil:
A fast absorbing skin nourishing oil which can assist in reducing appearance of fine lines, soften and soothe the skin and also have anti-inflammatory effect.

Kaolin white clay:
A natural mineral which assist in balancing oily skin and has detoxifying effects; which may sooth irritable skin and reduce breakouts.

Lavender essential oil:
It can act as bug repellent and induce sleep, suitable for insomniacs; as lavender has been proven to relieve pain, stress and anxiety. 

Lemon essential oil:
An excellent natural oil that contains Vitamin C; which provides anti-ageing effect as it can assist in tightening your skin and removes excess oils. It is also proven to relieve stress and boosts your immune system. 

Lemon myrtle essential oil:
Wonderful for oily skin and acne. It also has uplifting, relaxing, sedative and calming effects. Not only it can assist in removing bad room smells, but also assist in reduction in colds and flu symptoms. 

Marjoram essential oil:
Removal of toxins, sodium and excess water from the body. A wonderful calming essential oil which relieves stress and inhibits the growth of fungus and cure infections.

Mica is a natural mineral which provides shimmery effect that is safe for all skin types. Titanium dioxide has been proven to reduced risk of skin cancer, as an effective UV blocker.  

Olive oil:
A gentle cleanser that is rich in antioxidant, vitamins E and A, the oil can assist in soothing dry skin and contains oleic and polyphenols which provides anti-ageing effect.   

Poppy seeds:
Natural exfoliation effect. 

Reef red clay:
High iron content, assist in revitalising the skin in creating soft and healthy looking skin. Provides a gentle absorbent action and refines the pores. Suitable for all skin types - mature, sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin.

Rosemary essential oil:
It is the natural deodorant which also assist in lowering stress, relieves muscle pains and enhance immune system.

Shea Butter:
A natural ingredient that nourishes the skin to prevent drying and provides UV protection. Shea butter contains high vitamin A, E and F which provides high hydration effect to restore your skin.

Spirulina Powder:
A plant-like organism which is high in protein and contains 8 essential amino acids. It can assist in healing your skin and skills off candida. 

Sweet almond oil:
An oil that soothes dry and irritated skin. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins E, A and D which assist in conditioning, reduces acne and has UV protection effect.

Ylang ylang essential oil:
A natural rich floral scent that has antidepressant benefits which provides calming and relaxing result and can assist in clearing and healing acne.