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I first met Georgia at the communal table in the common room of a hostel in England. The table was all scuffed from its many diners over the years and the walls were covered in handwritten messages from passing travellers. Those who came there often came alone from their part of the world, but once inside we became a family. 

When I arrived at the hostel Georgia was sitting at that table with a box of colourful beads. She was threading them one-by-one on a wire to make jewellery. We got talking and discovered that we were both young, solo, female travellers from Melbourne and became friends instantly. 

In the days that followed Georgia continued to inspire me with her kind nature and creativity. I’d often find her sitting at that table with an array of magazines spread out before her and in her hands a pair of scissors and glue. From ordinary pictures on ordinary pages she’d create such fun collages of innovative imagination.

It is important to support other small business owners and creators, and to follow your passions and exploring where you could take them! 

Georgia is a great example of someone doing just that! So, we asked her to share her insight… 

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What is it you make?

As of about a year or so, I have been making sunglasses/ glasses chains. I sell them through a business I started called Beady Eyes Chains. They are made out of recycled jewellery found in op shops, as well as new beads. 

Beady Eyes (Sun)Glasses Chains
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What drives you to do what you do?

Since young, I made jewellery whether that was scoobies in year 5 or knitting or something similar. 

The reason I am driven in creating these is because I love acts of repetition. I am able to lie on the beach or sit in front of the telly while threading beads and making chains. It’s something I don’t necessarily have to think about while I’m doing it. Any time I think negatively or lazily about my work, I try to imagine myself at a market on a nice day, selling my beady eyes, maybe even seeing people that I love. I think this definitely motivates me.

What are the challenges of being a young artist and entrepreneur?

A challenge for me, is one that I think lots of creative people may face. That is to realise and accept that some people aren’t going to be supportive or involved. Some people are going to say no, sometimes not as nicely as I’d imagine in my brain. I’ve learned that whether it’s people rejecting ideas or bypasses dismissing me, it’s not personal… or due to age. I just remember that everybody’s valid, and everybody’s values are different. I value time and thought, two things that handmade require. Knowing that value of my time, and pricing my work accordingly is super important. 

What’s something you’ve learned from starting your creative business? 

I have learned how important it is to package your products in a way that is nice and memorable. It sounds dumb and not very important, but I have found that people really do value the way the product looks, as if it were a present or something. I think of me every time I get mail and then realise that I too value the small things… the paper, the thank you note that was inside, sticker, whatever it is. 

Where has your creativity taken you?

Beady Eyes has taken me to a place of huge learning. I’ve learned a lot about starting a small business, about making connections, managing my time, as well as learning what I value doing, which is where stall holding would fit in… I have taken part in many markets around Melbourne. The reason I love markets is because each person there is selling “their” thing. Their craft or passion. I love that ultimately, they are probably quite proud of whatever it is, everyone is happy to be there and see each other get supported. 

I have been a part of a few creative events run by two awesome women who make up Flo Creative Events, where I was able to sell my chains as well as display my collages in the art show. This then led me to vendor at a couple of small gigs and be involved in art shows.

St Kilda Esplanade market is the next thing that I’m really looking forward to pursuing. After I complete my TAFE course, I plan to take my business up the east coast of Australia and do a kind of “Market Tour”.

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You’re always bringing sunshine and compassion into the room with your big smile, giggly laugh and caring nature… what’s your formula to how you live your life and spread so much joy? 

That is SO nice that you say that! I’m glad to hear those nice things about me… I have worked hard to become a happy person. And I have strived to surround myself with people. Particular people I love, people who help me grow in ways I wish to. The last year has been particularly good for me… To be alone but not lonely, while I was traveling. Making art and other things makes me feel good, and I’m glad I can. 

What piece of advice would you give to others wanting to start a creative business? 

My advice would be to get excited about it. The idea, the medium, the imaginary plan. Whether it’s having conversations with likeminded people, making mood boards, writing, researching… I think these outlets or vessels are really important to help stop your awesome idea from being shrugged off. When productive excitement meets a creative plan, it stops being a plan and instead becomes a part of your life. A thing you do now. A thing you love to do now.

Go checkout Georgia’s fun creations here!

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Georgia also mentions the beautiful Flo Creative Events, run by two inspiring women I have also had the pleasure to meet. Go check them out to have a flick through their magazine and attend some wholesome events with other creative beings!

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I hope Georgia inspired you as much as she inspires me. I’d love to see you getting creative too and possibly even pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to follow what you love. 

What better a time to dedicate yourself to trying something new! 

We’d love to see your creations, so share them with us at: [email protected]

Interviewed by Sofia Jayne

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