Stressed about getting back to the routine?

Article written by Sofia Jayne

Struggling to get back into that 9 to 5? Has work or uni got you down? We’ve got some tips on how to push through and take control!  

The year is kicking-on and it’s time to get back into work or study, or maybe you’re unsure of what you’re doing. All are perfectly okay! Maybe it’s going great and you’re feeling on top of the world, which is awesome and good on you! But maybe it’s not and it all just feels like a bit too much and this is perfectly okay also. It’s important to understand how you’re feeling and know that it’s human for things to go a little wrong sometimes. Remember that you’re not alone!  

Not only are we all about taking care of your body at Babylon Grey, we also care for your mental health. Often, we think of our minds and bodies as separate things but really, they’re both us and they are one. A healthy body supports a healthy mind and a healthy mind powers a healthy body. So, let’s get you feeling good!  

What do we mean by mind and body?  

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘mind’ as “The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel.”  

It’s the voice you talk to yourself with. The reader of your emotions, thoughts and feelings and what moves your body. It’s what enables you to feel stressed and to procrastinate. To decide to watch a movie rather than getting tasks done.  

On the other hand, our bodies are our physical structure. Our mind too is part of our body, but it acts as the control-center for everything else.  

At this point in time, scientists and people alike are confused on what ‘minds’ really is. We talk about them like they are something non-physical, but then we generally think of them as being located in the brain. Kind of confusing, hey?  

So, what really is our mind? And why does it cause us a whole lot of grief from time to time? The answer is we don’t know for sure how it works, but what we do know is that it is an amazingly beautiful and complex thing!  

Humans have evolved to possess incredible cognitive abilities, but our societies have become extremely complex. Technology has made things even more complicated. Our ‘brains’ or ‘minds’ are still evolving and catching up. This is why things that may seem small (like social interactions or balancing tasks) can feel overwhelming. So, take a step back and give your mind a break! 

What is happening to your body when you’re stressed?  

Stress is the way our bodies protect us from danger or threats. However, like I said before, our daily lives today are more complicated. Compared to our ancestors, our stress can come from threats that are a little harder to pinpoint.  

When we are faced with something we identify as a threat, our nervous system initiates something we call the fight/flight/freeze mode. This enables us to respond to the threat and either run, face-it or sometimes we just don’t know what to do and freeze up.  

From the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol you might find that your “heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and your senses become sharper.”

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That can all sound a little scary or maybe you know it all too well. These are natural occurrences and we all feel this way from time to time. The good news is that there’s things we can do to physically work though these stress responses. There’re ways we can alter our habits and lifestyle to avoid negative stress visiting us in the first place.  

What can you do to overcome stress or manage it?  

If you’re feeling stressed just reading this or you clicked on this article with your heart already jumping out of your chest, take a deep breath.  

A great exercise is to close your eyes and feel your feet on the ground. Take deep breaths and really focus on that sensation. Consciously take a step back and know that you are grounded. Focus on that simple sensation and things will fall into perspective.  

Other immediate relievers:  

  • Get your body moving but calmly – go for a walk or have a stretch!
  • Let someone know – tell a friend or family member who you feel comfortable with.
  • Have a hug – a warm embrace can sometimes be that reassurance you need.
  • Mindfulness – meditation is great for some but isn’t appealing for all. Mindfulness can simply be rational thinking about the situation.

Long-term or lifestyle stress relief:  

  • Awareness – understanding yourself; why are you feeling this way? What causes you to feel this way? What works best for you to get through it?
  • Exercise – this doesn’t mean you have to go run a marathon right now. A simple walk and some stretching can make a difference. Here’s why.
  • Nutrition – food is what powers our bodies. So, making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to suit your body is vital! Find out if you’re deficient in anything and making sure you get your levels up to healthy! Deficiencies can have a big impact on your ability to cope with simple stressors. 
  • Be social – you don’t have to be everyone’s best friend. Simply getting out of the house and talking to people will boost your moods.
  • Me-time – being social is important but taking time for yourself is equally important. Whether it be a nice hot bath or a book in bed, taking time for yourself is a necessity! All Babylon Grey’s soaps are made with natural essential oils, many of which are great for stress relief. You can find all our options here.
  • Get creative – find a way to express yourself. Whether it be in music, literature, art or wherever your passions lie. No one ever needs see it but getting things out can take a load off your shoulders!  

The most important thing to do is to be easy on yourself! Don’t blame yourself. Although you might feel stuck, know that YOU CAN DO IT!  

So, when you’ve got heaps on your plate, or it feels like you’re going mad, remember the basic facts; that you are human! Give yourself some leeway and understand that no one has it all-together all the time, even if they look like they do. All those we deem as ‘successful’ have struggled sometimes too!  

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.”

Ellen DeGeneres

As the writer of this article, I have to admit I know stress all too well. In writing this, I can’t help but laugh at the irony of me giving advice for something I’m still working on too!  

That’s the very thing though – have a laugh! We can use stress to our advantage sometimes and use it as a tool to get things done. BUT! It doesn’t need to overcome you. Lighten-up and have a laugh! Things aren’t always as serious as we initially think they are.  

The poet Kahlil Gibran said  

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.”  

Sometimes we just need to sit back and let life take the wheels. Being spontaneous can often make the journey more enjoyable and exciting! 

Article written by Sofia Jayne

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