The Urgent Need For Action on the Reef!

Article written by Sofia Jayne

Did you know that Babylon Greyʼs profits support the Great Barrier Reef? Hereʼs some info on the cause we believe in and how you can help too!

Weʼre all about giving back here at Babylon Grey and know how important it is to be kind to the Earth. Each time you buy from Babylon Grey 5% of the profit goes to Greening Australia, Reef Aid projects.

The Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of Queensland is the largest coral reef in the world. This 348,000 square kilometre Unesco heritage site is visible from space and is home to 600 types of coral, 1,600 species of fish and 6,000 types of mollusc, as well as a central cultural element to over 70 different traditional owner groups. However, this beautiful reef is in desperate need of our help!

There are a few different factors that are damaging the reef. The major cause of the acceleration of these factors is from human influence and neglect to our environment, which is why itʼs really important that we do all we can to reverse this damage before the damage is beyond repair!

Hereʼs how climate change effects the reef:

Many argue that climate change does not exist or that it is solely due to natural causes. However, According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 100% of the warming that has been documented since the 1950s is due to human emissions and non-environmentally friendly activities. 

The rapid increase of climate change causes more sever weather conditions of which have brought damage upon the Great Barrier Reef, including cyclones and extreme rainfalls.

It rises the temperature and depth of the sea, bleaching the coral and changing the habitual conditions for many species which endangers them. Climate change also effects the chemistry of the ocean which makes it difficult for the regrowth of coral in which multiple species rely upon. 

“The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. The twin perils brought by climate change – an increase in the temperature of the ocean and in its acidity – threaten its very existence.”

David Attenborough

What else is damaging the reef? 

The other main cause that is damaging the reef is the impact of sediment flow from eroding land. What does that mean and whatʼs so bad about that? Sediment is the soil particles, like clay and sand, that rest at the bottom of a body of water. It pollutes the water, making it cloudy which can choke the fish and coral, prevent animals from finding food and feed the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish.

The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish is a species of starfish that feed on coral. They are a natural member of the ecosystem as they work like cleaners of the reef, but usually eat the faster growing coral and their numbers are normally balanced on a healthy reef.

However, with the damage done to the reef and with the sediment flow feeding these starfish, there has been an outbreak of the species and they are in fact now also destroying the reef since it is not healthy enough to repair itself.

What is Greening Australia doing about it? 

The traditional owners of Australia had many methods in caring and maintaining the land of which have often been ignored since European settlers arrived to Australia. However, as todayʼs generation we have the ability to take action and change ways of the past for the present and future!

Greening Australia is working alongside the traditional owners of the land that have inhabited the area surrounding the reef for more than 60,000 years, to rebuild and rehabilitate the wetlands and eroding gullies, as well as save endangered species. Their goal by 2030 is to restore 2,000 hectares of gullies, 1,000 hectares of wetlands and stop 400,000 tonnes of sediment pollution each year! 

What can YOU do to help the reef? 

Repairing the reef wonʼt be easy, which is why we all need to work together and every person makes a difference!

Things you can do:

  • Hands-on volunteer work with an organisation, Greening Australia has multiple volunteer options all throughout the year and in all states!
  • Attend or lead an educational or training workshop (there’s plenty on Greening Australia’s website)
  • Talk to the people in your life about what you’ve read here and spread the word of importance!
  • Limit your waste and water consumption within your home and lifestyle
  • Question your surroundings! Find out if your area uses environmentally friendly practices, and speak out if not!

If we donʼt act now we will lose the largest coral reef on the planet! Babylon Grey understands the urgency of this cause, which is why we support it whole-heartedly and thank all our customers for your support.

In supporting Babylon Grey you are also supporting Greening Australia and the Great Barrier Reef! 

As Helen Keller, an American author, activist and educator once said

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!”

Understand the Reef Aid program further.

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