Benefits of tea – Mike from T-nomics gives us his insight.

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An aromatic herbal tea to begin the day, or a warming tea of mixed spices to send you off to dreamland can be so soothing and calming, but who knew tea could have so much benefit in our lives!

The components of the tea themselves can nourish and relax your body but is there not something about the culture of tea that brings us all together? Throughout history multiple worldly destinations and cultures have brewed and sipped tea with different ideologies and purposes but all have something in common; the way it brings us together as people but also with nature. 

Mike from T-nomics, a caring man with a passion for tea whose motto is ‘kindness first’ gives us his insight. As he not only “trains the Chinese on brewing tea” but visits the tea companies multiple times a year.  

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea

Henry James

How did T-nomics come about, Mike? Share your tea-rrific journey with us. 

T-nomics came about when I was visiting John Harney from Harney and son teas in New York. I enjoyed the closeness and family environment John had created at his business and just how kind he was. After that I wanted to start my own tea business. I also found tea a rich product in history and culture.  

Now, tell us more about yourself! What should people know about you? 

I’ve been in the tea business for well over a decade now and it see’s me travelling to China at least once a year and trying some of the very best tea’s in China. I am also the head judge for the world tea championships and responsible for its growth here in Australia as we expand the competition overseas. Through competition people are inspired to innovate and the tea industry needs to innovate and grow.  

Has tea changed your life in any way?  

I have met some incredible tea masters and been introduced to a new way of being and living in this world. The Chi and energy present in tea can open your mind to untapped potential  

What has been the highlights since starting T-nomics? 

Standing in the tea fields in Wuyi Shan China and drinking Dao Hong Pao under the mother tree’s. These Tea Tree’s are now protected by the Chinese Government are over 360 years old.      

Care to share one or two of your favorite teas and the benefits? 

Dao Hong Pao – Will cure anything health issue present  

1967 Yunnan Government Reserve Pu-erh – opens your mind to the realms of untapped possibility.     

Lastly, what can people expect from T-nomics? 

We are consistence and provide delicious tea’s that have been choose and blended for the business café environment  

Who would have thought tea could be so inspiring! Mike’s story clearly demonstrates it can. Tea has taken him around the world and brought beautiful new people into his life. The kindness and passion of his personality is evident from his answers, which goes to show that his motto of ‘kindness first’ must not only bring him such amazing opportunities and company, but his nature clearly also benefits those around him and the communal culture of the tea industry.  

Where there’s tea there’s hope

Arthur Wing Pinero 

If Mike’s story has inspired you; share it with your mates. 
If you’d like to get your hands on some delicious tea, connect with T-nomics!

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