How to live a plastic-free lifestyle

Do you feel like you’re a barbie doll? Living a life in plastic, but in reality; life isn’t all that fantastic. Most people know the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua very well. As we were thinking about Plastic Free July, the song popped up into our head and made us giggled. 

In all honesty, we didn’t know Plastic Free July was a thing. According to research, this independent, not-for-profit organisation – The Plastic Free Foundation was established in 2017. We think it’s a great organisation to gather people together to create a better home for us all. A start for people to have new habits. A reason for us to pause and think about our actions. 

First of all, don’t panic and take a deep breath. We think it’s important to take it easy, and learn how to enjoy this plastic-free lifestyle. You’ll be making choices that are less convenient. However, over time; these small decisions will become habits that are changing our world! 

To make any changes in life can be hard, so below are some life hacks to make your life easier. Before we jump in though, we want you to think about your day to day life. From the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. Do you know how much plastic you’re consuming? 

Let us answer that for you. A LOT. Plastic is practically everywhere. In the kitchen, things like cling wrap, food packaging or the bin liner. In the bathroom, there are toothbrush, skincare and cleaning products. Or let’s say if you have pets or kids; you’ll probably need stuff like nappies or pet litter.  

Yes, we hear you. Where and how the heck do you start? Because we don’t want to bombard you with a bunch of information; we have narrowed it down to 5 small yet big changes you can take on to START your plastic-free lifestyle. 

Learn to be friends with plastic-free containers

Don’t beat yourself up if you have containers that are plastic. Just start purchasing better-made containers. 

Containers can store your fresh or left over foods. They can be your lunch box. They can store kitchen essentials like flour, sugar or pasta. You can also ditch the glad wrap and switch to either beeswax or plant based food wraps.  

We love Seed and Sprout Co, a well-known Australian company in New South Wales that creates 100% plastic free products. For example – store your food with their food pouch made of sand-derived silicone. 

We also love Little Bubble, a small local business in Warragul, Victoria that sells food wraps keeping your food fresh. 

Shop smartly, refrain from using single use plastic bags

When doing grocery shopping, avoid pre-packed fruit, vegetables, meat or cheese in the supermarket, and don’t use the plastic barrier bags. Your food don’t mind mingling, let them get loose in your shopping bag. You can also bring your own containers to the deli to get your fresh produce. Better yet, shop with the local farmers market or organic stores and create a better bond with your food. 

We love The Source Bulk Foods store. Each of their store is owned and run by a local family. Every store is packed with quality Australian grown produce.

Plan ahead and tick off the “must have” check list before heading out

Have a habit of making sure you have everything you need before heading out. Yes, it can be annoying at first, but trust us; it’ll become easier over time. 

Just like making sure you’ve got your keys and wallet before heading out. When catching up with your mates, ensure you’ve got your reusable cup. Bring a tote bag with you at all times just in case you might do some shopping. Always bring your water bottle with you, because staying hydrated is important. 

We love Frank Green. We have their original reusable cup, made from recyclable co-polymer. They now have ceramic reusable cup design, with ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer. We are very tempted to it… But! There’s no need to accumulate reusable cups when we’ve already got some. (Or…maybe we will “accidentally” leave our cup somewhere one day? Only joking!).

Be the party queen or king

Going to a party or planning to have one? Ditch using disposable party-wares! It is cool to ask your mates to bring their own. It will spark conversations and bring everyone closer. This including plastic-free straws, utensils, plates, cups… even party hats! Keep the party hats and decoration and reuse them for the next time. 

We love toko!, a Melbourne-based label that sells eco-friendly basics. The RAYA Smoothie Straw and Coconut Brush set would be the party favourite.

Look after yourself properly

When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Not only it is important to change your toothbrush once a month; you should also replace plastic toothbrush to a bamboo made one. 

Also, when was the last time you cleaned your ears? Maybe that is why you’ve got trouble hearing. Start using bamboo made cotton tips! 

Now ladies, let’s talk about makeup. Very important to remove your makeup every day, even on a drunken night out. Refuse to use single use cotton pads and switch to a face cloth or reusable and washable pads. 

Currently we are using a toothbrush from Grants of Australia. Recently though, we found Bamkiki, an Australian owned toothbrush subscription based company. 5% of their profit goes to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Very interesting, we might give it a go next month!

Up your personal care game

Not only body wash and shampoo contains perfume and fragrance (which are toxic to your body!), they all came with plastic packaging. It’s easy… start using soap and shampoo bars!

We are having so much fun on this planet earth, having all these parties and all. But we forget to think about the consequences we’d be contributing. Plastic, has brought convenience to our life. Unfortunately to satisfy our needs, our planet is suffering and so will our future. Actually, many living spices including us humans are in agonised right at this second.  

We must admit, it can be hard at first to live a plastic-free lifestyle. We don’t blame you, plastic has been around for over 100 years. But! It is about making an effort and knowing that every little bit counts! So, thank you for starting to live a lifestyle that is less harmful to our environment, the animals and ultimately; ourselves! 

Here are some more useful links for you to continue the plastic-free lifestyle journey. 
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