Men skincare tips

Be your handsomest self. It all starts from looking after your skin 

It is no secret that here at Babylon Grey we truly care about you. We care about what your skincare routine. What ingredients are good for you and how you should look after yourself. We have always believed that knowing what exactly goes inside the products we consume is VERY important. It will impact your health in general; which will then affect the way our body feels, our outlook and the way we act. 

Skincare isn’t just for women, but for men too! 

We are all human after all. Looking after the biggest external organ we have is necessary for everyone, no matter at what age. We know that skincare used to be a woman dominated topic. Thankfully, the society today is highlighting the need in self-care for all genders.  

That led us to have chats with the males in our lives. What do they actually know about skincare? Funny enough, many told us that they simply didn’t know where or how to start. Well, you can’t blame them. Most men don’t go up to their mates and have a conversation about skincare or beauty. It purely wasn’t built in their habitat.

We want that conception to change. We want to encourage the men in our lives and yours too, to understand that skincare is important. To show them that it is not as difficult as it seems. 

What is the difference between male and female skin? 

Yes, we are all designed differently. The major difference that separates our skin is the biological structure. Men have larger pores than women and has more testosterone, about 10 times more than females. Testosterone works as building blocks, which means male has thicker skin, about 25% more and produces more sebum (oil). Read more about the difference here

What products are good for male skin? 

Despite the biological structures are different between men and women. The basic ingredients in our skincare products are actually the same. There isn’t a separate formula specially for each gender. Skin is skin after all!

However, we all have different skin types. One needs to find an appropriate product that suits particularly for their own skin type. Your skin type will differ depending on the diet, environment and your routine. 

Don’t get sucked in by the smell or get misled by the packaging. Understand your skin type first and choose the right products for yourself. Always take time to read the ingredients. Find out what skin type you have here

How do I start my skincare routine? 

We recommend you understand what skin type you have first. Once you know what skin type you have, then you can create a routine that is suitable for your lifestyle. In saying that; here are the three basic skincare essentials. 


It is a must to wash your face daily with a cleanser, both in the morning and before bed. As we mentioned, men produce more sebum than women. Therefore, you MUST cleanse off the oily layer to minimise clogging up your pores. (One of the main causes contributing to blackheads). Moreover, every minute of our day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells. You do not want that disgusting lifeless thing sitting on your skin, do you? 

Don’t be lazy, it only takes up to 30 seconds max, that is only 1 minute of your time per day! 


Moisturiser provides the love your skin tissues need. It helps keeping the hydration for a healthier looking skin. Hydration is one of the main elements for our skin to function at its best to prevent ageing and having unwanted wrinkles. 

All you need is is a dime size amount, the right moisturiser can help your skin go a long way. 


Yes, we all heard about how the UV radiation is dangerous. Research shows that UV radiation can cause skin ageing, eye damage or even skin cancer. It can cause injury to our skin’s DNA and can burn our skin tissues. Scary, isn’t it? That is why it is important to apply SPF daily, especially when you’ll be outdoors for more than 20 minutes. 

Do not go outside without applying sunscreen. Don’t be misled by the weather; there are UV radiations too on a cloudy day! Understand UV radiation further here.  

Be your handsomest self 

We need to be aware not only of what we eat; but also what we put on our body. How you look after yourself matters. You are a walking example of what you believe in. If you don’t present yourself the way you want to feel, which is healthy and happy; how can others receive that positive energy you want to provide? 

Start looking after your skin today by having the basics packed down. Or you become an expert and get your detailed skincare regime here. 

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