What’s my skin type?

Do you know your skin type, and know how to look after it? Are you looking after your body, or are you actually damaging it? What you put on your body matters. This is why at Babylon Grey, we stand firmly to use natural ingredients only (organic where possible!), no harsh chemicals can be found here.

But, before you dig into purchasing our products (actually, purchasing any product); we think you need to take a step back and ask yourself… What is my skin type? 

It is very important to know what skin type you have. Like any diet; depending on the end result you’d like to achieve; you’d need to ensure you’re consuming the right type of food. The same goes with skin types. Putting on products that are more suitable for oily skin when you have a dry skin type will not benefit you in the long run.  

Let’s us help you to understand yourself better, so you can feel beautiful from inside out. Better yet; we even tell you some of our secrets on how to treat your particular skin type. Do you have your pen and paper ready to take down some notes? Your self-nurturing journey starts here. 

What skin type do I have? 

Oily skin.  
Thanks to biology, our skin naturally produce oil as a form of protection. However; for some, your sebaceous (oil) glands may produce much more than general. You have oily skin type when your skin constantly looks shiny. You need to patch up on your makeup numerous times throughout the day, as it just won’t stay. The excess oil can clog up your pores causing blackheads and pimples.  

Dry skin.  
Your skin has an under-active oil glands, the total opposite of oily skin. You have a dry skin type when your skin often feels tight and dull. Winter normally isn’t your best friend and the cold wind doesn’t help either. Due to the lack of moisture, your skin can also flake and crack.  

Sensitive skin.  
Sensitive skin is more common is paler complexions. You have a sensitive skin type when your skin is easily irritated by external stimulant. You often have redness, itchiness and visible rashes. Germ, dust, products with chemicals (or cheap goods) often trigger these symptoms. Even things you wear can irritate you, not just what you use.  

Combination skin.  
The most common skin type. As the name says it, a combination of oily, dry and sensitive. You have a combination skin type when your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is extra oily; while your cheeks and eye area tend to be dry.  

Normal skin.  
The perfect skin type that is rare to have. You know you have normal skin type when you have a clear, even and well-balanced complexion. Your skin is healthy, has a lovely texture and has little changes throughout the day. You can use just about any skincare products without a reaction. 

How do I look after my skin? 

Oily skin.  
The bright side of oily skin is that you have more natural moisture from the oil, keeping your skin looking younger and less prone to wrinkle. However, that does not mean you can let it run wild. Exfoliation is a must. We recommend deep exfoliation 3 ~ 4 times a week and cleanse thoroughly, twice a day. Use light moisturising lotion and avoid products that contains alcohol like benzyl peroxide (as it will dry out your skin in a bad way).  

Dry skin.  
Having barely visible pores means a limited amount of moisture is produced. Always keep your body hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Moisturising is crucial and remember to use natural hydration products like chemical free body butters. Lastly, deep cleanse your skin by exfoliating 1 ~ 2 times a week. 

Sensitive skin.  
Use natural skincare products only to avoid irritation. The best way to love your skin is avoid artificial colours, fragrances, perfumes and many the other chemicals at all times. (Even in your diet)! Don’t forget to deep cleanse once a week to purify your skin. 

Combination skin. 
This is when one product can’t fix all problems. We recommend purchasing natural products that treat both oily and dry skins. It may be frustrating at first, however a proper routine and care will transform your skin to a normal skin type. Exfoliate 2 ~ 3 times a week is a must! 

Normal skin.  
Just because you have great skin, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to look after it. Using natural skincare products whilst having a balanced and healthy diet will upkeep your skin performance. We recommend deep exfoliation 2 ~ 3 times a week. 

Here at Babylon Grey, we have made skincare shopping less intense. You now can shop by skin type instead of scrolling through, wondering which product is suitable for you. 

Our most loved product for oily skin is – Babylon Glow. The activated charcoal is a natural ingredient for cleansing and as a deodorant. A daily cleanse with our Babylon Glow can reduce clogged up pores; which means bye, bye pimples and blackheads!

Our most loved product for dry skin is – The Waves. It has 4 different essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender and Lemon. Great ingredients to refine the fine lines, tone your skin whilst relax and moisturising your skin. We’ve added in natural Australian white clay, which means it can detox your skin while you shower! Two birds with one stone.  

Our most loved product for sensitive skin is – Lavender Affair. It is great for both morning and night showers. We’ve used lavender essential oil, which mean it can calms sensitive skin type whilst coconut and olive oil hydrate your skin. 

Our most loved product for combination skin is – Poppy Romance. A gentle daily exfoliation can help your skin breath better. The combination of Lavender and Rosemary can stimulate your skin; which means younger and healthier looking skin. 

Our most loved product for normal skin type is – Iced Coffee. This soap does not contain any essential oil, but packed with benefits of coconut and olive oil. For once in your life, you can let go and be lazy. Gently exfoliating your skin whilst providing the hydration it needs. Help your skin to be happy with our simple yet effective Iced Coffee. 

You now understand what skin type you have and which soap is best for you. You’re ready to have a proper self-nurturing session, every time you jump into the shower! #exciting 

By the way, do you have a skincare routine? If you are wondering what it should involve; check out the ultimate skincare regime here. 

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