Why Palm Oil Free

Believe it or not, consuming palm oil holds a significant impact on our health, the environment and lives of others. The use of palm oil is everywhere; in foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and much more. As the global population increases, it is no surprise that the demand for palm oil has skyrocketed too.  

What is palm oil? 

Palm oil is a popular choice for many global manufacturers; as it is cheap and a source of huge profits. It is grown in the tropics, with the warm, humid climate. Places in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa offer perfect growth conditions for palm oil. 

Why we avoid using palm oil at Babylon Grey? 

In order to make room for more plantations, our worldโ€™s beautiful rainforests are threatened to be deforested. This destruction harms our environment, the habitats of endangered species and the livelihoods of local residents.  

Burning is commonly used for deforestation, which means huge release of carbon dioxide. This has health consequences throughout out the tropical countries and its neighbours. Moreover, palm oil mills generate large quantities of emission. This pollutes the fresh water and affect downstream species and people. Deforestation also endangers animals such as the orangutans, Borneo elephants and Sumatran tigers. These species are pushed closer to extinction due to the demand of palm oil plantation. 

Overall damage 

While the media may report that the palm oil market creates opportunities for local communities. What we donโ€™t know is that illegal land grabs is very common. Take Indonesia as an example; they have cleared around 15 million acres of tropical forest, where nearly 45 million people used call home.  

Not only that; consuming palm oil can impact our health. Palm oil contains high saturated fat, which are believed to raise cholesterol levels. In other words; this can increase the risk of heart disease.  

How can you help? 

It is our choice to provide you palm oil free products. We care about the overall impact we may have for the animals, environment and the lives of others.  

Here are some tips to create a better future. 

  • Always read at the ingredients; donโ€™t get misled by the packaging design. 
  • Look for palm oil alternatives for your everyday items. 
  • Support those companies that have made a strong commitment to produce palm oil free products 
  • Inform others. You can encourage people to rethink their purchasing habits.  
  • Shop locally, sustainably and create strong relationship with small business owners 

Buy some quality soaps for yourself now. 

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