Why it’s important to read the ingredients list…

As you may know, here at Babylon Grey we are environmentally conscious, vegan friendly and pride ourselves using only natural ingredients (organic where possible!). More importantly, we support Australian made businesses. 

We think it is mucho importante that you KNOW what you are buying; especially what you’re putting on your skin.  

*Take a deep breath and think about it; why does Babylon Grey care about what I put on MY skin? * 

We understand that it is more expensive to purchase products that contains almost zero nasty ingredients; but we want to encourage you NOT to get sucked into the price on the shelf. You should be thinking how is this product so cheap? What ingredients does it ACTUALLY include? 

We thought we should make it easier for you to shop for your skincare products; so we did some research. We found the article below; but we weren’t 100% happy about it. 

We were in a LUSH store the other day, and did you know in LUSH they use FRAGRANCE in their products? *watch the documentary Stink! and learn how fragrances are bad for you* 

We also walked into The Body Shop; and did you know they so called Coconut Body Butter contains more of ingredients other than coconut? *so much for a “coconut” body butter* 


We want you to START reading the ingredients when you purchase anything, food; skin care, drinks and etc. We want you to truly love yourself; and care about what affects it may have to your body AND on the environment. 

Now; we can’t speak for everyone and we haven’t done a thorough research on all the brands listed in the article above. However, as mentioned, we support Australian made businesses; and below are some brands which we LOVE and USE ourselves. Check them out. 

*Take a deep breath again and think about why Babylon Grey cares what you put on your skin; like literally directly onto your skin. * 

Babylon Grey (duh!) | handmade soaps in Melbourne with natural ingredients. 

Zen Botanics | handcrafted skincare products in Sydney with zero nasties. 

SoapOpera | handmade beauty products in Melbourne with pure ingredients (they are not palm oil free however). 

LaMav | certified organic skincare + cosmetics made in Australia. 

The Jojoba Company | a range of skincare with jojoba oil, sustainability grown and made in Australia. 

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