Handmade Soap for you and the fam...


When you use Babylon Grey soap, you will feel and smell amazing. You will be using Cruelty-free, Palm Oil free and Vegan friendly products that are nourishing for your body! Like you, we care and love the earth. That's why we use natural ingredients, and even use organic where possible.

All our products are handmade. That means we've hand-measured everything, so you get nothing short of perfection, we promise!

We make products for both all genders. No matter what occasion, you can rest assured that we've got something for you. Do you suffer from cracked or dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin... We've got a little something for everyone!

Mum's you may love to know that your bubs will love to nourishing their body with our products. But please remember to patch test first!

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